Finacity Serves as Advisor and Reporting Administrator for $50 Million Government Receivables Funding Program

Stamford, CT – May 20, 2015 – Finacity Corporation (“Finacity”) is pleased to announce that it has served as advisor and will serve as ongoing Reporting Administrator, for a new $50 Million government obligations only receivable funding program. The program provides for investor participation in state government receivables.

“We’re proud to have facilitated such an innovative program,” said Finacity Managing Director Paul Jenison. “This new funding program connects investors with government receivables. The daily reporting provided by Finacity allows the funding participants to know the exact position and composition of the receivables held in this highly dynamic program.”

A Finacity First

The new program marks the first time Finacity has administered reporting for a purely municipal or government accounts receivable program. Paul Jenison added that “with the municipal and government receivable sector under increased credit scrutiny, Finacity offers an essential oversight service to track payment performance and receivable integrity.” Government receivables may include vendor payments, contract payments, program payments and rental receivables.

About Finacity Corporation

Finacity Corporation specializes in the structuring and provision of efficient capital markets receivables funding programs, state-of-the-art servicing, and bond administration. Finacity currently facilitates the financing and administration of approximately $100 billion of receivables annually. With resources in the USA, Europe and Latin America, Finacity conducts business throughout the world. For more information on our company, please visit

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