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Recent Press Releases

January 2020

Finacity Arranges $105 Million Receivables Securitization for Black Box Corporation

Stamford, CT – January 30, 2020 – Finacity Corporation (“Finacity”), a member of the Greensill family of companies, announces the close of a trade receivables securitization program for Black ...

January 2020

Finacity Supports $200 Million Receivables Securitization for Nitron Group Corporation

Stamford, CT – January 29, 2020 – Finacity Corporation (“Finacity”), a member of the Greensill family of companies, announces the close of a trade receivables securitization for Nitron Group L ...

January 2020

Finacity Announces an Increase to $550 Million of a Global Freight Receivables Securitisation Facility for Germany Headquartered Hapag-Lloyd Group

Hamburg / London / Stamford, CT – January 7, 2020 – Finacity Corporation (“Finacity”) announces today that it has facilitated the successful increase to $550 million of an existing freight rec ...

December 2019

Finacity Facilitates up to EUR 15 Million Receivables Financing Program for Wiko Mobile in France

Paris & Stamford, Conn. – Dec. 10, 2019 – Finacity Corporation (“Finacity”), part of the Greensill family of companies, announced today that it has facilitated a EUR 15 million receivables fin ...

October 2019

Finacity Facilitates MXN$750 Million Consumer Loan Securitization Program for Crédito Real

Stamford, CT – October 25, 2019 – Finacity Corporation (“Finacity”) is pleased to announce that it has successfully facilitated a MXN$750 million consumer loan securitization program of Crédi ...

August 2019

Finacity Facilitates USD 90 Million Receivables Factoring Program for ZIM Integrated Shipping Services

Finacity Corporation (“Finacity”), a member of the Greensill family of companies,has successfully launched a multi-jurisdiction trade receivables factoring program for ZIM Integrated Shipping Serv ...

Recent Select Media Mentions

October 2019

Crédito Real securitizes loans

Mexico's Crédito Real said it has placed MXN750 million ($39.2 million) in the local bond market under a consumer loan securitization program. Arranged by BBVA, Santander and Banorte, the five-yea ...

July 2019

Energy, Green Network involved in a maxi securitization

Green Network involved in a maxi securitization ...

June 2019

Finacity bought out by Greensill – TFG Exclusive with Adrian Katz, Finacity CEO

TFG reports live from Ho Chi Minh City, in an exclusive interview with Finacity CEO Adrian Katz, at FCI’s 51st Annual Meeting. Finacity bought out by Greensill – TFG Exclusive with Adrian Katz, ...

June 2019

The State of the Trade Receivables Securitisation Markets in 2019

Trade Finance Global caught up with Charles Nahum at Finacity, looking at the state of the trade receivables securitisation markets in 2019. Alternative Funding The most striking recent change ...

February 2019

Finacity Hosts Receivable Securitization Industry Roundtables at the United States Embassies

Finacity Corporation (“Finacity”) announced recently that it has hosted four gatherings of senior finance professionals for an opportunity to network with peers and to learn about the very latest ...

January 2019

How does trade securitisation work? An Interview with Finacity’s Charles Nahum

The world of securitisation in trade and consumer receivables is complex, yet benefits to corporates are being increasingly realised as liquidity tightens and access to traditional forms of finance is ...

Recent Publications

October 2019

Securitisation Maximises Cashflow and Liquidity

Download full whitepaper. As uncertainty in the global economy rises, businesses of all sizes are increasingly turning to receivables securitisation as a low-cost funding source that also maximi ...

February 2018

Achieving IFRS Off-Balance-Sheet Treatment in Trade Receivables Securitizations

Abstract Changes in accounting requirements made in response to the financial crisis of 2007-2008 have made achieving off-balance-sheet treatment for trade receivables securitizations more challengin ...

September 2017

Auditors up the balance sheet scrutiny

Companies are receiving greater scrutiny from auditors over IFRS balance sheet accounting treatment of new and existing factoring facilities. It is not that the accounting rules have changed, but asse ...

November 2015

Trade Receivables Securitisations

Securitisation of various cash fl ow assets began in the 1980s. Trade receivables, while not the first asset class to be securitised, date back at least 25 years. Trade receivables securitisations ...

July 2015

Working Capital – a Strategic Opportunity?

Introduction As any keen MBA student will relate, Michael Porter’s Five Forces* model can help management to determine the structure of their industry and provide a backdrop for strategy formul ...

June 2015

Introduction to Receivable Securitization

It has been almost 30 years now since the first securitizations of trade accounts receivable were structured and placed with investors in the U.S. financial markets. Since that time, these financings ...