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Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements




November 2017

Introducing the Alternatives

As banks have responded to Basel III and other regulatory pressures, lending criteria has become more stringent while the market for alternative financing sources has continued to grow and evolve. Consideration will be given to the various types of alternative finance solutions available, ...

October 2017

Receivables securitization with off-balance sheet treatment; An Industry case study jointly presented by CYSDA and Finacity Corporation

Jointly presented by Antonio Villa, Managing Director, Finacity Corporation and Oscar Casas Kirchner, Chief Financial Officer at CYDSA. This deal-specific case study demonstrated how a trade receivables securitization programs receive and benefit from off balance sheet treatment under IFRS. ...

October 2017

Alternative Finance: An Overview Of The Receivables Finance Market

As structured trade finance banks de-risk, the need for alternative financing sources continues to provide various forms of liquidity. Trade receivables financing of various types including securitization are considered and evaluated.

September 2017

Trade Receivables Securitization

Presented as case study of an actual AOI transaction completed in 2017, AOI and Finacity jointly present a newly expanded securitization program. Key areas of focus include the program’s increased funding capacity, the diverse portfolio of obligors from over 80 non-OECD jurisdictions and the incorporation of multiple selling jurisdictions.

July 2017

Lending Innovation

As lending continues to evolve and embrace technological innovations, the panel explores how traditional platforms have evolved, expanded and potentially introduced new risks that have not been historically considered.

June 2017

De-Risking Through Securitisation

The challenges and advantages of expanding securitized structures are considered as interest in funding various types of trade finance assets continues to develop.

June 2017

VCNA/Finacity Presentation of IFRS Securitization

Presented as a case study of an actual VCNA transaction completed in 2016, VCNA and Finacity jointly present the overall the process of creating a securitization that achieved off balance sheet treatment under IFRS accounting standards.

May 2017

Operational & Servicing Risks in Latin American ABS

As the public and private securitization markets continue to grow, the required infrastructure to service and ongoingly assess transactions has moved into the forefront. This panel considers how to assess operational and servicing metrics as well as how KPI's continue to become more robust as these markets continue to develop.

May 2017

Reconsidering Alternative Finance

Alternative Lenders are often seen as the option when traditional banking channels don't present a viable path. A review of how has this group of lenders and intermediaries have continued to expand bankable markets.